Valle del Sole is a small but established reality of the Lucca hills. The wine company is located in the “Cappella” hamlet on the road that leads from Lucca towards Monte Magno and then Viareggio. The “Cappella” is a very particular area for the cultivation of vines and the production of wine, characterized by a considerable temperature range and constant ventilation. These factors, together with the favorable exposure of the vineyards to sunlight, guarantee the vegetative balance of the plant suitable for wine production, explicable in a slow but constant maturation of the grapes. The vineyard property is located at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level and is characterized by gentle slopes leading to the valley. The wines of the Valle del Sole, all with a Typical Geographical Indication, are characterized by a harmonious union between the so-called international character and the link with the territory from which they come.


This valley is very particular for the cultivation of vines thanks to the proximity of the Tyrrhenian Sea which guarantees an excellent vegetative balance of the plant for the quantity of light and fresh and constant ventilation, characterized by a considerable temperature range between day and night. Our products are of high quality. To obtain them, the quality of the soil, the climate and the position of a splendid hill wedged between the sea and the mountains and the use of biodynamic agriculture that creates a link between man and the vineyard, which keep the land fertile, are crucial.


A wine-tasting is the opportunity to see closely how our grapes are transformed into different types of wine.

From the Ebrius to the Linchetto, up to the prized Private Collection, you will have the opportunity to taste wine and oil, stroll through the vineyards and discover what makes our products unique.


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