La Valle del Sole

The company is located in Lucca in the northwest of Tuscany and covers an area of ​​10 hectares of vineyards and olive groves in a valley where it is still possible to live on a human scale. Excellent area from a morphological point of view located between the Tyrrhenian coast and the Apuan Alps crossed by the Serchio river and the Freddana stream. The climate has a strong variability depending on whether the influence of the mountains or the Mediterranean prevails. Winters are generally mild and the springs are early. The Apuan Alps influence the climate with abundant rainfall that is well distributed throughout the year. The Tyrrhenian Sea instead gives this area an excellent amount of light in order to guarantee a good photosynthetic activity during the whole vegetative cycle of the plant. It also offers good constant ventilation throughout the year, which allows a considerable daily temperature range. The vineyards extend over different types of soil: in the hilly part the Tuscan boulder prevails, consisting of Argillose Sandstones rich in minerals that give rise to red wines of good power and longevity. In the plains the soils are sandy-sandy with an abundance of skeleton, this is the area of ​​excellence for the production of white wines of great preservability. The management of the vineyards takes place following the organic production disciplinary making use of biodynamic techniques.
All this makes it possible to create a strong bond between man and the earth that guarantees excellent soil fertility and product quality. This valley is very particular for the cultivation of the vine thanks to the proximity of the Tyrrhenian Sea which guarantees an excellent vegetative balance of the plant for quantity of light and fresh and constant ventilation, characterized by a notable temperature difference between day and night. The quality of the soil, the climate and the position of a splendid hill wedged between the sea and the mountains are decisive, as is the use of biodynamic agriculture that creates a bond between man and the vineyard, maintaining fertile land and product quality.